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La Sobremesa, the story

Good conversations at the dining table, sitting together until late… That time you spend at the table with friends and family is worth so much. Chatting, stories about life, love, sadness, dreams, things you regret. Beautiful, valuable moments and memories. Good food is even better when you share it with good friends and family.

The longer the Sobremesa, Spanish for those special moments after a meal, the more fun. Do you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest but not waste your time on preparations in the kitchen? Do you want to surprise your guests? Would you like to enjoy warm, long evenings on the terrace of your own home or holiday villa at the Costa Blanca? Time to contact me,  “Chef and tacones” , chef in heels. We will discuss your wishes without obligation and I will take care of your lunch, drinks or dinner from start to finish. What is more important in life than friendship, love and…..Food!

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Whats with the “tacones”?

My feminine way of dressing has always been my trademark and it has always been a bit of the running gag. “You’re already so tall and then those heels….” Well I love it although I must admit that Spanish temperatures and the Spanish villas with many stairs more an more force me into sneakers…..

Chef on heels

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.

Edith Head

And so I got my nickname “Chef on heels” I am looking forward to meet you to discuss how you want to shape your sobremesa. Which ingredients do you love, and which ones should definitely stay away from your table?

You don’t have to worry about shopping or dirty dishes. You just have to think about how you can be the star of the evening and how you want to welcome your guests. Enjoy your Sobremesa together. No worries, no need to find a babysitter for children or pets, no worries if you have reserved the right table, no worries whether there is something on the menu that you do not like, no worries about transportation after a glass of wine. Just enjoy your own (holiday) home.

Have fun, Divertarte!

Sobremesa a tu casa

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